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dog food just purchased seems to be infested with them. will it harm my dogs to eat the dog food?? i can’t afford to throw it all out.

Actually the infested won’t pose any kind of danger or harm. Though most people believe there could be something bad about feeding their pet food which contains a few meal moth larvae, the fact is that dogs are able to digest and process these little guys quite well. Remember, they are dogs and their system is was built on being able to eat most anything. Since insects are mostly protein, any that are eaten are mostly beneficial from a nutritional point of view. However, there is another kind of risk you need to watch out for..

By knowingly keeping food which contains an active infestation of any insect, there is a good chance some will escape and migrate into your home. This would be bad. I would not be surprised if you develop a problem in the home due to the fact that you’re doing nothing other than storing infested food.

I’ve seen this many times and basically in every case, the problem started because people were keeping insect infested food. Now if you review our MEAL MOTH CONTROL ARTICLE, you’ll learn more about this insect and why it can become such a nuisance. The bottom line is you may want to reconsider keeping the food if you don’t want a moth problem in the house. I say this because once they start, they can be a nightmare to get rid and problems can last for many, many months.

Alternatively you could choose to treat the storage area with some PT-PHANTOM. This will put in place a good barrier so that any foraging larvae that try to leave the infested food won’t be able to get very far. Installing some MOTH TRAPS would also be a good idea. This way if any adults start emerging, you’ll have some protection in place to help prevent a problem from getting a foothold.

Ideally, getting rid of the infested food would remove the threat of this happening. But if you must keep it as you say you will, then store it in a heavy plastic bag that you keep tightly sealed. Next, only remove what the pet will eat within a few minutes. Any food not consumed within a few minutes must be removed from the house by either dumping it out in the yard or by feeding it through your food “sinkerator” so the food and the pests are effectively washed down the drain. I say this because I’ve seen where merely tossing out the uneaten food in the garbage will allow some to migrate out. And since all it takes is one pregnant female to start a problem, this can lead to an infestation.

Another choice would be to save the food and keep it frozen all the time. I do this with bird seed. By keeping the food frozen, any eggs and other stages of insects that might be living in the seed are kept from developing. This way they can’t get into my home. And this will work with any pet food so you can do the same.

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