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My bird seed has a bad moth problem. I don’t know how they got in there but I’ve got over 10 lbs of seed with little worms and saw dust and it’s just a mess. Moths are flying around it and I’m thinking I should throw it all away but maybe not. This seed is for my bird feeder and I know those birds like to eat insects too so I’m thinking on using it all. But I’m afraid my garage will get infested from all the moths flying around. What can I do?

I would keep the seed since you don’t plan on using it inside the home. But I recommend doing a few things so the garage and house doesn’t get infested. First, be sure to keep the seed in some kind of container you can seal air tight. This way nothing can escape. One option is to place it in a storage bin any home center sells; another would be to transfer it all to a heavy duty plastic bag.

Next, I’d freeze the seed. Store it overnight in a deep freeze which will kill most of the activity. Do this as needed. It could be there are so many eggs and pupa in the seed that you’ll have to do this weekly to keep the seed from getting consumed but if you want to keep it for the birds, no sense in letting the bugs eat it. Freezing it once a week will help minimize the loss.

Lastly, I’d set some MOTH PHEROMONE TRAPS up in the garage to monitor just how many are out and about. My guess is you could already have a good population moving around out there you don’t know about and the traps will help monitor this activity. Be sure to do a thorough treatment with the PERMETHRIN and GENTROL too. This way any that do migrate away or try to lay eggs around where you have kept the seed will have problems establishing themselves.

Moth Traps:

Permethrin 10:


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