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I was very impressed with your article on meal moths. It seems to describe the problem very well. We have three very young children and I am very concerned about putting down any chemicals to treat our persistent meal moth problem. I am using the male traps and catching a lot. We also identified the infected food and threw it out about two weeks ago. But, it seems that there is more infected food coming from the stores than I anticipated. We are watching the food we buy. Without using chemicals, can I hope to be rid of the moths?

As explained in our MOTH CONTROL article, there are just too many ways pantry moths can survive if you don’t treat the surrounding area where the food is stored. Yes it’s true there are is a chance you are bringing some of these pests home in the food you buy but it’s more likely these moths and their young are nesting and thriving in you home.  Untreated cupboards, pantry storage spaces and maybe even other living areas around the home can all provide ample locations for safe harborage of young meal moths. These local populations will thrive indefinitely until you interrupt the cycle which is apparently well established based on the ongoing problem.

As for your concern regarding any treatments in the home; I suspect they are most likely unfounded and based on mis information. In other words, the products we’re recommending pose no hazard to people or pets when used properly so they can be safely applied as described in our safety video’s in and around the home. Unless you have some information to the contrary, the products we’re recommending along with the methods and procedures on how to use them present no risk or danger when used in accordance to their labels. In case you missed our video clips, they are quite informative and should better prepare you for using our products for the task at hand.

As you’ll see in the video, we always recommend children and pets should be away from the area when the treatment is being done. But you’ll also learn that soon afterward they can safely return without concern once the treated areas have been able to settle and dry. Remember, you should be applying small amounts of product in very tiny areas and these doses when applied properly are just barely able to control the target insect let alone affect large, more complex mammals like people or pets. More information on this can be seen in our videos here:

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