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Had a moth problem this summer and want to get started now to prevent it from happening next spring. So please help. I want to buy something like traps.
I live in Washington state. Thanks! Ellen

Once you get a MEAL MOTH problem, you can understand why preventing them is so much easier compared to trying to control an active infestation. So here’s our recommendation on how to prevent future problems.

First, inspect all boxed or canned food items brought home from the grocer. Most people think of cereal, rice, flour and food which is “boxed” as the vector meal moths use to get into our homes. But their pupae can be found just as often on the bottom of  a can or around the lid of a bottle (vinegar or oil for example). You don’t have to use a magnifying glass to inspect; just keep your eyes open for any webbing, cocoons, little worms, etc. Items found with anything suspect should be returned or discarded.

Second, if you haven’t treated the cabinets and pantry for more than 3 months, get some PHANTOM AEROSOL and treat these areas now. Phantom is unique in that it won’t spook insects. They can’t detect it and will readily walk over treated surfaces. In doing so they’ll pick up a lethal dose of chemical and die within 3-4 days. And they can “spread” the active too because Phantom can be transferred from one insect to another. Use it every 2-3 months anywhere in the home; its virtually odorless and ideal for the cracks and crevices meal moths like to use for nests.




Lastly, set up MEAL MOTH TRAPS in the cabinets and pantry where the problem was centered. 2-3 should do the job. Don’t use them in adjoining rooms; this could lead moths to these areas they’d normally ignore. But traps around the key areas will keep them where you’ve treated so any activity will remain limited in its range.





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