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I had a pretty bad infestation back in October 2010..went on vacation and found dog food infested with them when we came home….immediately got rid of the dog food but by then my dining room was pretty much infested….larva on the ceiling and in my china cabinet…we took up the carpeting and repainted…cleaned out every kitchen cabinet set off bombs and all …today I still see one flying around occassionly. ..I see no larva anywhere…just a lone moth here and there…I am constantly searching my food..we have set out the phermone taps and caught some..who long will this stage last and how long can i expect to see them.

As explained in our MOTH CONTROL ARTICLE, it can take a year or longer for the hatching pupae to run out and be “gone”. Since larvae only migrate after they feed, it’s not likely you’ll see any if they have some other food source you haven’t discovered. And once they get their fill and go into their pupae stage, they can hold up for many, many months so it’s not been nearly long enough just yet for this to be over. Pupae are what hatch out adults and these are usually in locations away from the food and well hidden. Hopefully these emerging adults won’t have a chance of mating and laying eggs so be sure to keep enough MOTH TRAPS set to make sure this doesn’t happen. And at some point you may need some SUPPRESSION TRAPS. For ongoing problems, these traps can be needed to break the cycle for good.

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