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We have been fighting Meal Moths for some time now. We are moving and have loaded all our food storage in a sealed trailer. While I was loading the food, I spotted 2 meal moths flying. Is there any thing I can fumigate the trailer with to kill all these guys? If I need 2 or more treatments, how many weeks do I need to wait before treating again?

If you review the online article we have detailing MEAL MOTH CONTROL, you’ll learn that the adult stage is typically the ones people find moving around their home. Though killing this stage will greatly diminish the ones you’re seeing, it won’t solve the problem. As our article explains, there must be a source of food from which the adults are emerging. And if you wish to get rid of the adults, you’ll need to get rid of their “source” food to effectively break the cycle.

There are many things on which they might be breeding. Most are listed in our article but the more common food stuff include cereal, pet food, pasta, flour, cake mix and other pantry stored ingredients. For the average homeowner, the guidelines we have listed in our article will help get their problem under control. For your situation, the resolution will be a bit different.

One important point to consider: If the stored items in your trailer will be there for several weeks, the risk of “cross contamination” is high. Adults have one thing in mind; find a mate and reproduce. If they are not able to find a suitable food supply on which to lay their eggs, they’ll undoubtedly do so on where ever they land. These “other” items may or may not be able to feed and sustain the hatching young. Since this pest is adaptable, the larvae could full well find something not commonly thought of as food on which to thrive. Other “sources” of nutrients that can work include cardboard boxes, clothing or some other fabric. My point is the longer everything stays inside the trailer, the higher the risk of this cross contamination. This could – and I have seen it happen – lead to a big mess and even damage if left untreated and ignored.

The best approach at this point would be to remove everything in the trailer, find the contaminated food stuff and discard it all. The trailer should then be treated with either the D-FORCE or the PERMETHRIN and then everything can be returned (less the bad items which were found) safely and with little risk of getting infested. In theory this should solve the problem.

If you are not able to handle the problem this way, the next best thing could be to set off some TOTAL RELEASE AEROSOLS. These would kill off the adults but as our article explains, it would only take a day or two for more to appear. A better option would be to set out some MEAL MOTH TRAPS. These would in turn collect the foraging adults which would stop them from reproducing. With any luck you’ll be able to keep them from populating long enough so that when you are finally able to remove the contents of the trailer, the source can be found and then discarded.

One other option worth mentioning is to get an AEROSOL MACHINE and set it out with some PURGE INSECT KILLER. This setup would enable you to get a regular amount of product to be applied on a regular basis so any hatching adults would die off before they could populate. Configure the machine to release a blast of product every hour and I’m sure it would handle the job.

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